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I started attending classes with Theresa of Zumba Harrow in January 2012. Her classes are great exercise, easy to follow and most importantly fun. Attending her classes 3 times a week helped me reach my weight loss goal and lose my final 7 stone in my weightloss journey!


I joined Theresa’s Zumba Class just under a year ago and was quite nervous initially in my physical stamina and ability to keep up with the energetic classes (I am over 60). I had seen various videos of zumba classes and was sort of prepared for what was expected.

I decided to give it a try and the first initial contact with Theresa and her warm welcome and smiling approach made me feel very comfortable and I jumped in at the deep end, gave it a go and took it in my stride, slow and clumsy with the dance steps at first.

Theresa’s teaching approach and her way of making you feel that “you can do it and that no movement is considered wrong” spurs you to keep up and the steps gradually become familiar and easier. The variety of the music which is very upbeat makes you want to jump about and you do work all the muscles in your body. Sweating is part and parcel of the class and is also a good indicator of how much we have exercised.

I have found that my breathing and my stamina is strengthened; I have toned my muscles and my clothes are getting loose. I also enjoy meeting people and the social aspect is also a very important factor. I will keep going as long as I can and I am very grateful to have Theresa as my teacher, she makes the class with her energy and enthusiasm.

Thank you Theresa


On retirement I needed a new focus and structure to my life. Zumba and Theresa has given me all of that. I have fitness, vitality and a whole bunch of new friends


I attend the Tuesday class with my prospective daughter in law and a friend and throughly enjoy it. Theresa works us hard but makes the class really good fun and i am getting fitter and feel more energised for the rest of the week. The routines are great and Theresa’s enthusiasm and energy spurs us on. A great class which i would recommend to others.


We all know that it is important to exercise but the truth is it can be boring. This isn’t the case with Theresa’s zumba class which is fun, energetic and helps to release stress. I look forward to Theresa’s classes each week and get withdrawal symptoms when I can’t go! Theresa is a fantastic teacher whose positivity and energy is infectious. You leave the class feeling fabulous if not a bit sweaty!


Love Theresa’s Zumba classes – high energy, lovely music, a lot of fun and above all Theresa’s personality. Makes me happy 🙂


I have been doing Zumba twice a week with Theresa for the last 2 years. Zumba has really helped to tone my stomach and mid- section. I love Zumba , it just puts me in a great mood and has helped with my weight loss because it forces you to drink more water, helped with my co-ordination. The team at zumbaharrow.com all sweat up a storm and the classes are so much fun – never a dull moment, as there are new tracks and steps ever so often. Theresa does take time to teach each step that really helps beginners. In the past I have attended many Zumba classes but must say I have found Theresa classes to have helped me stay healthy and achieve my weight loss goal.


I absolutely love Zumba with Theresa.
The energy, enthusiasm and passion is beyond encouraging.
Zumba with Theresa is the highlight of my week.

The best zumba instructor out there!!!